FUCK your National Anthem

By Christopher R Rice

(About) Kaepernick National Anthem / Police Brutality Protest

I'm about to wipe that stupid grin off of your face. I was just like you. Whenever I heard the National Anthem, tears would well up in my eyes and a lump would form in my throat. As a kid I dreamed of joining West Point. I put on a kitchen towel and pretended to be Super Man or Batman, I would pretend to save the world and the damsel in distress.

I believed. A so called liberal media crammed police loving cop shows down my throat all day long. Who could hate characters like Andy Taylor or Adam-12? I loved those guys. I emulated them. But then I grew up. And I'm not a naïve twelve year old boy, anymore. I'm not as gullible. I'm sure it was easy for you to fool a little child. I would've believed anything. But to date everything that I've been told, everything that I was taught or rather forced fed, has been a lie. A con job to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer.

How Harsher Enforcement Punishes Victims of Sex Trafficking—Not Abusers Like Jeffrey Epstein

In light of last December’s blockbuster investigative story by the Miami Herald, Jeffrey Epstein was recently arrested in Manhattan for sex trafficking, in part spurred on by national outrage over the leniency that law enforcement afforded him in the Miami case. That led to another piece by the New York Post on Epstein skipping court-ordered check-ins, prompting another round of public outrage.

We too were outraged. As public defenders, his treatment underscored the profound gulf between justice for those with power, money, and privilege, and “justice” for those without.

People we represent charged with things as minor as drug possession and low-level sales are routinely sentenced to longer than the 13 months Epstein was able to bargain for despite being charged with having sex with young girls. While black children can barely walk down their own streets in Brooklyn without being stopped and frisked, law enforcement looked the other way as Epstein and his friends engage…

There’s a way to decriminalize prostitution without putting women at risk

Tina Frundt is a sex trafficking survivor and the founder and executive director of Courtney’s House, a survivor-led organization providing recovery services for male, female and LGBTQ survivors of sex trafficking in the District. Yasmin Vafa is co-founder and executive director of Rights4Girls in the District.

Several D.C. Council members have introduced legislation that would fully decriminalize the commercial sex trade in the District, including acts of pimping, sex buying and operating brothels. It’s necessary and long overdue to decriminalize individuals in the sex trade who represent some of the most marginalized members of our community. But offering legal protection to those who exploit them is a misguided and dangerous policy that threatens to turn the District into a sex tourist destination and harm the very communities the bill aims to protect.

“I first learned about this bill from my pimp; he was excited about it,” one survivor shared at a recent listening session about the …

El Paso attack becomes America's 250th mass shooting this year

Two gun attacks in the space of 24 hours have taken the number of mass shootings in America to 250 this year.

Shortly after an armoured gunman opened fire near a bar in downtown Dayton, Ohio, adding at least nine more names to the list of dead, the mayor of that city wondered why. In a press conference on Sunday morning, Nan Whaley questioned why her city had to be the latest face of mass murder in a country that has seen an epidemic of gun violence that experts say has only gotten worse in recent decades. She was the second mayor to confront the question in 13 hours, after a gunman in El Paso, Texas, had opened fire at a shopping centre and killed at least 20 people Saturday. But she was far from the second mayor to confront the question this year. “Why does Dayton have to be the 250th mass shooting in America?” Ms Whaley asked, apparently referencing a tally compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, which actually pegs her city's tragedy as the 251st mass shooting. “El Paso was 249 , D…

'Open season' on Hispanics in America thanks to 'racist in chief' Trump

This weekend, a young man with a powerful rifle confirmed what many Hispanics have known for a little over two years now: It is open season on Latinos in the United States. The 21-year-old turned a Walmart in El Paso into a horrific scene of injury and death, with at least 22 people killed and 24 wounded. "This Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics," El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles wrote on his personal Facebook page.

In a manifesto that local police attribute to the gunman, posted online minutes before the shootings, he warned of a “Hispanic invasion of Texas” and railed against immigrants.   This brand of rhetoric should be familiar to all Americans, as we have heard a steady stream of such bigoted bile since the day that Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency. Trump has rarely missed an opportunity to denigrate or demonize Latinos and immigrants, and now El Pasoans have paid the deadly price. The truth is that there is a clear link between the racist in chie…

13-year-old suffers skull fracture when man attacks him for wearing hat during national anthem, police say

A grown man grabbed a 13-year-old and threw him to the ground during the national anthem, according to investigators in Montana.

Fuck America and fuck the American way. Here you are again looking for something for nothing. How much did you pay me to write this article? Oh yes, nothing. So then it must be true, you get what you pay for. So do me a favor and PAY me or pay me no never mind. Get your news elsewhere, you won't be missed. What would I miss anyways? You're too cheap and too stingy to even leave me a comment. So what would I miss? That's what I thought, I'm better off without you, huh? All you do is waste my time and take up space, you're a disgrace.

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Man in anthem attack convinced Trump ordered it, lawyer says

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — A Montana man charged with assaulting a 13-year-old boy who refused to remove his hat during the national anthem believed he was doing what President Donald Trump wanted him to do, his attorney said.

Attorney Lance Jasper told the Missoulian he will seek a mental health evaluation for Curt Brockway, a U.S. Army veteran who became caught up in the heightened animosity and rhetoric gripping the nation, and convinced himself that he was following the president's orders. "His commander in chief is telling people that if they kneel, they should be fired, or if they burn a flag, they should be punished," Jasper said. Jasper added that Brockway "certainly didn't understand it was a crime." Brockway suffered a traumatic brain injury in a vehicle crash in 2000 that has affected his decision making, and Jasper said he plans to raise that in his client's defense. Jasper's comments Wednesday came as prosecutors formally charged Brockway with…

Trump is a white supremacist, say Warren and O'Rourke

Two leading Democratic presidential candidates – Elizabeth Warren and Beto O’Rourke – have said in separate interviews that they consider Donald Trump to be a white supremacist.

Asked whether she considered the president to be a white supremacist, Warren on Wednesday offered an unequivocal “Yes”, the New York Times reported.

“He has given aid and comfort to white supremacists,” the Massachusetts senator and 2020 runner said. “He’s done the wink and a nod. He has talked about white supremacists as fine people. He’s done everything he can to stir up racial conflict and hatred in this country.”

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Earlier in the day, O’Rourke, the former congressman for the El Paso district, who has spoken out strongly about the president’s track record of using racist rhetoric, went a step further.

When he was asked directly about whether Trump was a white supremacist, in an MSNBC TV interview, he replied …