5 Creston high school students wearing hoods in online photo

Five students at an Iowa high school were disciplined by the school and kicked off the football team after a photo surfaced showing them wearing white hoods and standing beside a burning cross. The photo shows five people standing in a field wearing.

Five Iowa high school students are now facing discipline after posing for a picture wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods. The students, who attend Creston Community High School, are now being investigated by the school. While Creston Community High Principal … . A group of high school students from Creston, Iowa has come come under fire after a photo of them dressed in Klu Klux Klan-like white hoods, holding a Confederate flag and with a burning cross behind them circulated online.

A Creston, Iowa, couple issued a statement on Friday, apologizing for their son's involvement in an offensive photo that has pushed the small Iowa town into a national spotlight. “Our son recognizes his poor judgment,” Jamie and Megan Travis said in … . People in the tight-knit community of Creston say they're embarrassed by the attention they're getting after the controversial image surfaced Wednesday. 

Creston Community High School football coach Brian Morrison told The Des Moines Register on Thursday that the five Creston High School students are off the squad, which was set to play Friday night.

No charges have been filed against five Creston High School students who appeared in a social media photo wearing white hoods and waving a Confederate flag next to a burning cross.

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