I Don't Own Any Slaves is a Myth that Americans tell themsleves

By Christopher R Rice

There have been  numerous articles wrote on this subject that you can see here and here. And yet I continue to hear white Christians say that they don't own any slaves so they don't owe anyone anything. Let's explore that shall we.

First off today you no longer need to be white to own slaves. All that you need to do is shop at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Saks Filth Avenue, Target, K-Mart, Sears, Costco, Apple, Starbucks, 7-11, etc. Because they all employ slave labor. And buying products that are made by slaves may not make you a slave owner but it does require a certain amount of slaves for you to maintain your lifestyle.

Without slaves you couldn't afford your iPhone. Because without slave labor Apple would charge twice as much for the same phone. So not only do you employ slaves, you also benefit from their slavery.

But the comment about not owing anyone anything is in reference to reparations so let's examine this with a sober mind and a Christian heart, if you have one.

I want you to compare this to a poker game. Slavery was like if I could see your hand every time and would bet accordingly. Obviously I'd beat you every time since I could see your cards. After slavery things didn't get much better there was Jim Crow laws like drug laws that kept blacks from working or voting. In this game I didn't need to see your cards because the deck was stacked in my favor. I simply dealt myself the aces and you the jacks.

During a time when racism ran rampant, white people were claiming "reverse discrimination" because if you could land a government job you would be guaranteed equal opportunities for advancement as opposed to the 'Ol' School Boys Network' that kept blacks, woman and other minorities out of positions of power.

In this game it was made to appear that blacks had some unseen advantage over the white man but the deck was still stacked in whiteys favor. Today's game is to claim that blacks have had an equal playing field since Civil Rights legislation was passed and because of that blacks should have completely caught up to whites in every respect. And since they have not this proves that whites are superior and always have been.

Of course if like in the movie 'Trading Places' the deck suddenly was not stacked in whiteys favor what do you suppose would happen? What if the police started patrolling white neighborhoods like they do the ghetto? Suppose the cops started frisking everybody in white neighborhoods like they do in the ghettos and started arresting just as many whites for drug use as they arrest blacks for drug use?

Because statistically whites use a ton more drugs than black people do. Suppose cops started doing drug raids in the white communities, you know in the suburbs? Or better yet, what if the cops started busting the super rich slum lords that charge exuberant amounts and won't fix a thing, instead of harassing the poor kid living there with a pot on the floor to catch the rain from the leaking roof.

Suppose cops started busting dirty Wall Street bankers instead of starving shoplifters. What if the deck was stacked the other way around for a change and you were the slave? And I said "but I don't own any slaves, so I owe you nothing". That's a total crock of shit because in America men even treat their own wives like slaves, without pay, thanks or even a day off.

Does that mean you owe every black or minority something? No. This is where things always seem to get muddled, the idea of reparations is not to pay a debt, it was first invented to level the playing field. The idea of 40 acres and a mule for every slave was not to pay back wages but to even the deck by giving property that could 1.) accumulate wealth and 2.) be passed down.

So what can a good Christian do today? A Christian that doesn't burn crosses and bomb churches. Well, what would Jesus do? I can not tell you what Jesus might do but I do know what everyone wants. From Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Black Panther Party (BPP), Occupy Wall Street (OWS), and everyone else, woman included, is equality. But for some strange reason white people equate equality with reverse racism, why is that?

People, red, brown, black, male, female and transgender only want an even playing field where the deck is not stacked in anyone's favor. So stop trying to say that it is something it is not. The Tea Party was formed to get special interest / money out of politics, to level the playing field.

Make things fair for everyone. No one that I know of has asked for special treatment accept the white man who keeps demanding special privileges. Straight people demand the privilege to marry and enjoy those benefits but want to deny them to everyone else. Why not be fair? Why not an even deck, why should it always be stacked?

For those of you who still want to do something, good, research how you've been taught since birth that whites are better than everyone and men are better than females and then learn how to rewire your thinking so that you act accordingly in your daily life.

When you see injustice it is your duty to act and bring justice. If God has blessed you it is your job to bless those who are less fortunate than you. We must also defend the weak, those who can not or will not defend themselves. And we must also seek out and give direct material support and comfort to widows and orphans. Those are the only requirements that I am aware of.

Since blacks, gays, women and minorities are not asking for "special privileges" can we stop the bullshit and un-stack the deck? This goes for taxes too, the last Republican and Democrat presidents cut taxes on the already super rich at a time when, due to tax loopholes, they weren't paying their fair share to begin with.

In America the deck has been stacked against the poor, women and all other minorities and to claim that it is not is psychological terror that can only lead to bloody revolution.

When you conspire to conceal and obscure the truth you become a friend of the devil and an enemy of God. Christ was not about hate but about love, love for all -because we are all God's children.

THANK YOU for stopping by Underground America Inc.

Do yourself a favor. Think for yourself. Be your own person. Question everything. Stand for principle. Champion individual liberty and self-ownership where you can. Develop a strong moral code. Be kind to others. Do no harm, unless that harm is warranted. Pretty obvious stuff...but people who hold to these things in their hearts seem to be disappearing from the earth at an accelerated rate. Stay safe, my friends. Thanks for being here.

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