Trump, urges cops ‘don’t be too nice’

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President Trump gave an impassioned speech in suburban New York to drum up support for his strict immigration and tough-on-crime policies.

From ABCNews: Two U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers appeared to encourage, or at least permit, a 16-year-old Mexican high school student to drink from a bottle that tests would later reveal contained concentrated liquid methamphetamine.

The young man, Cruz Velazquez, died within two hours of drinking the substance, but the two officers involved, Valerie Baird and Adrian Perallon, remain on the job today, with no disciplinary action taken against them.

In a speech to police officers, Trump repeatedly expressed his almost worshipful respect for law enforcement.

He urged the cops, “don’t be too nice” to suspects when they are “thrown into the back of a paddy wagon.” In 2015, Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old Baltimore man under arrest for alleged possession of a switchblade knife, died of injuries he sustained being transported by police in the back of a van.

Still reeling from its failure to get through the Health Care Freedom Act through the Senate, the Trump administration is launching a renewed pitch to Congress for stronger borders to keep immigrants out of the country.

Trump said that no one has suffered more than the people of Long Island. “The Democrats have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful, quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields.

They’re animals,” he said.

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