Report: Haribo gummy bear company accused of using slave labor to make its candies


Workers are often forced to work for a month at a time before being allowed to return home, and the ministry of labor in Brazil said workers were being treated "worse than animals" and that the conditions "could be described as slavery."

Furthermore, the Germany-based company was found to have sourced its gelatin from producers with cruel animal conditions. In the documentary, a third-party farm had pigs with open sores and pens that were covered in feces (or in certain cases, dead pigs). From there, pig skins are picked up by a meat producer who processes it for Haribo's gelatin supplier, Deutsche Welle reported.

The candymaker told Vice's food site, Munchies, that it will launch an audit of the companies it works with. A representative told the site that "the conditions on the pig farms and the Brazilian plantations shown are insupportable" and that it will investigate "the precise nature of the conditions" of its suppliers.

"Should it transpire that urgent improvements are needed in this area, we will insist on their implementation and will not rest until these improvements have been implemented," the Haribo representative said.

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