The Difference between a rich man and a poor man

By Christopher R Rice

A poor man will give you the shirt off of his back while a rich man won't give the crumbs off of his plate to a starving child.

A poor man can do anything that a rich man does ten times better while a rich man could not walk a mile in a poor mans shoes.

A rich man never had to work an honest day in his privileged life, a poor man has to work for everything that he has. A rich man was born that way, his parents were rich too and sent their kids to rich private schools while the poor man was sent to some crappy public school where he had to drop out to go to work and support his family. While the rich man had everything handed to him on a silver platter the poor man had to fight, kick and scream just to get nowhere.

Before the rich man graduated from his Ivy League education he had ten job offers waiting and got to choose where he'd work, live and raise his family. His job provided him with enough income to buy his own house, his own car and have some left over. The poor man works two jobs and has to go to check cashing loan sharks each week just to keep up with his bills, at the end of a hard days work there is not a penny left after the bills and creditors are paid. The poor man rents an apartment with roaches in the front and rats in the back and leases a vehicle that can hold his poor starving children.

The rich man takes his excess income and invest in government secured CD's and government bonds. The rich man also invest in the stock market, buying solid companies that have existed forever like GE or Coca Cola and his returns are guaranteed, he has zero risk on any of his investments. While the poor man can barely afford a beer to drown his sorrows and ease his pain.

A poor man will stop when he sees another driver broke down on the road while a rich man will laugh and speed off.

A poor man will run into a burning building to save someone's cat but a rich man would not run into a burning building to save his own wife.

A poor man is humble and will show his elders and ladies respect, a rich man will blaspheme his elders and peers, sneer at anyone and everyone and has no respect for women.

A poor man will go off to a foreign land, risk life and limb to free those who have been enslaved yet he has never met while a rich man will get 5 deferments and beg to stay out of harms way.

A poor man is solid, tempered by hard labor, he is strong from hard work and his hands are calloused while a rich man has soft hands from never having to work, a rich man is weak and untrustworthy because his only alliance is to greed. A poor man fears God and cares for the weak.

A poor man fights for those who can not defend themselves while a rich man runs from labor or risk, even his investments are risk free. A rich man talks tough because of his privileged life but stand up to that bully and the rich punk ass bitches will turn and run every time, like scared little rabbits. Poke a rich man and he will cry like a little girl and run to the doctor for some pain medicine while the poor man just shrugs it off.

Think about this if you will. If you've enjoyed what you read, pass it on. I publish ten blogs and a couple of websites. Below are links to more of my articles which I have produced for free at absolutely no cost to you, not because I'm a rich man and I can afford to. But because I'm a poor man and knowledge is power. Share the power, pass it on and on. What am I talking about? Well we use to call it the "struggle." Does anyone here remember that? Because the deck is stacked against us heavily. Not only do we have no hope for the future, we can not give our children any either as the deck is already stacked against them too.

So we struggle to overthrow this unjust hypocritical system. Because while we the poor suffer the rich laugh at us and control the press that perpetually tells us that our poverty is our own fault. Because either we did not work hard enough or we were not smart enough. The lies they push make me sick. Can I prove any of this? Well Christians are stingy, greedy and self absorbed. The proof is that in 2018 there are 2.5 million homeless children and countless homeless veterans living in the richest country in the world, America. And didn't we just passed 22 trillion in debt to our children while giving ourselves a tax cut to keep the party going?

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