Geraldo Rivera: Weinstein victims had “great incentive” to be assaulted

By Rachel Leah

News outlets on both sides of the political spectrum have been consumed by the allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein. Notably, most outlets are putting women reporters at the helm, to assess and reflect on the gender imbalance and power dynamic always prevalent in sexual violence cases, but especially heightened with Weinstein's stature and Hollywood's closed-door policy.

One network not doing this is — all together now — Fox News. Thursday, Fox correspondent Geraldo Rivera joined Sean Hannity on "Hannity," to discuss the numerous allegations of sexual abuse against Weinstein.

"There are a few industries were the imbalance is so profound," Rivera told Hannity. "Where you have an 18, 20, 22 year old girl, she’s coming to one of these powerful Harvey Weinstein type mogul, you know, with the big belly and the hairy chest and the gold and all the rest of it." It was an odd but moderately true statement — we guess.

Riveracontinued: "She knows that she’s got a very limited time. It’s a very fragile window that she has to make it big in a highly competitive industry where if she doesn't make it by 23, 25, in the modeling industry it's 23 skidoo." Right, um — where are we going here?

Then, he dropped the bomb: "There is great incentive on both parts," Rivera said, without hesitation.

Oh, victim shaming is where we were going. Got it.

Hannity immediately jumped in to back him up: "You know the casting couch is true," he said.

"I’ve done a dozen exposés, it is absolutely true," Rivera responded.

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