Sleeping Homeless Man Set On Fire With Fireworks

By Michael McLaughlin

A homeless man in Albuquerque, New Mexico, nearly died from burns after someone threw a lighted firework at him as he slept, police said.
The attack was captured on surveillance video. Police are looking for the driver and anyone else who was in the purple GMC sport utility vehicle that drove near the sleeping man before he was set ablaze.

The video, from a dance theater’s security camera, shows the SUV pull along the curb close to the man on July 11 around 8 p.m. As the SUV slowly drives away, there’s a bright flash, which police have said was a firework being thrown at the man.
Another camera recorded the truck fleeing the area.
The victim, who wasn’t identified, remained in intensive care on Monday, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Transients often camp near where the attack took place. Another homeless man told KRQE he believes he’s seen the SUV before. A few days earlier, the man said, his belongings were set on fire.
Homeless people in Albuquerque have been subject to at least two other  violent attacks. Three teens fatally beat two homeless people with cinder blocks last July, according to authorities. A sleeping homeless woman was run over and killed, and others were injured last June. Witnesses said the hit-and-run driver aimed straight for the group before fleeing. 
Anyone who recognizes the SUV or has other information should call 505-256-2050.

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