(How to) Beat any / every prostitution sting (for Dummies)

By Christopher R Rice

I'm told that everyone hates history class, which I think is silly since they have to give you the answers before they can ask the questions. So I'll keep this history lesson brief and interesting.

Craigslist use to host "escort" ads. Some escorts were robbed, raped and murdered but posting online was still safer than walking the streets. So girls kept posting online until Congress scared Craigslist into removing their escort section.

Other escort sites like "MyRedbook" and "Humaniplex" had been online for a decade. But Craigslist escort traffic went to "Backpage" (BP) who at that time was charging $3. per ad. Girls must post their ads several times a day to keep their ad at the top of the list where it will be seen, otherwise it gets buried by other post. BP's greed knew no bounds and their ads soon went from $3. to $5. to $8. to $10. to $12 and up depending on your zip code.

Then the FBI arrested the owners and seized MyRedbook website. A sheriff in Chicago wrote to Visa, Master Card and American Express and soon BP lost the ability to collect CC payments. BP soon adopted Bitcoin as payment. Most johns/clients using BP stopped using the site out of fear of being caught up in a prostitution sting and having their face splashed all over the evening news which became a daily occurrence.

Lazy and sadistic law enforcement (LE) saw BP as a great way to pad their arrest numbers while staying out of harms way and getting to play with prostitutes all day. Prostitution stings were also seen as a way to replace the waning "war on drugs" that former president Obama promised to end. Obama was too busy accepting bribes from Wall Street and Big Pharma to keep any of his promises, though.

So, I wrote "How to beat any Backpage Prostitution Sting (for Dummies)" and for the last ten years it has received 3,000 to 6,000 hits per day, every day. I've made $0 from my writing. I was on a free blog when I wrote this piece and allowed the owners of my blog to post their ads. But they refused to post their ads on an article that dealt with prostitution and I couldn't make a dime. So I just gave the information away and removed the ads.

Soon 35 other websites sprung up trying to take BP's place but BP refused to leave. Everyone had dollar signs in their eyes as BP was raking in $50 million a year just off of ads posted in Los Angeles, Calif. The math was simple if you have a thousand girls posting twice a day at five dollars a post that's $10,000. a day just off of those 1,000 girls. Every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. But out of 35 greedy new websites not a one of them designed a better product, not one did anything to protect anyone. It makes me sick.

So I built a better website and I call it FBSM Reviews. How is it better? Johns / clients no longer have to worry about prostitution stings because every escort posted has rave reviews, this also ensures no fake pics and no scammers. Johns/clients are now immune from stings, you're welcome. Ads are free.

Help me empty out the overcrowded jails and share this with everyone you can:  

Better than Backpagehttps://fbsmreviews.org/ 

Thank you in advance for the share and your friends will thank you too. ENJOY!
PS January is the FBI's national "john sting" month, heads up. 

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