Genesis 1:24

By Christopher R Rice

Christianity is the name of a religious movement uniting many of the white supremacist groups in the United States. Christianity's teachers promote racism and sometimes violence. Their roots are deeply embedded in movements such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis. They believe all but the white race are inferior creations. Christianity's religious views are bizarre and occultic, and their view of history is often informed by conspiracy theories.

The most moderate groups publish hate literature; the more radical groups turn to violence, including murder. Among those attracted to Christianity in recent years are racist and violent young "skinheads."

Christian adherents believe they are the only descendants of Adam and the only chosen descendants of Abraham. They are convinced they know their true identity. They believe they are members of the supposed ten lost tribes of Israel.

Since the white race alone has descended from Adam, the other races are viewed as a prior creation. They insist that Genesis 1:24, which describes the creation of animals and is prior to the creation of Adam, includes a description of all nonwhite races. In that list of created beings -- "cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth" -- they single out the word beast as a description of other races. This of course means they believe the other races are inferior. All Christian teachers refer to the word beast to explain how other races escaped the flood; they were included among the creatures that Noah and his sons rounded up for the ark.

Because Christian teachers hold that the other races are of a different creation, they consider interracial marriage a sin. Christian teachers insist that interracial marriage was the cause of God's judgment on the people of Noah's time. Consistent with this twisted view of Scripture, they believe that to marry someone of another race is treason to one's own race.

The growing concern of the peoples in the West (including the United States) with their own national interest led to some strange ideas about national identity. In the United States a theory called "Manifest Destiny" evolved. That view included the understanding that it was the nation's God-given destiny to expand from the east coast to the west coast, and perhaps even to the southern end of Mexico. In England another movement began that would later blend well with the Manifest Destiny ideas held by some in the United States. This religious movement was nationalistic, assigning religious worth more to race than to righteousness.  

The movement, Anglo-Israelism, began in 1870. 

It was founded by the Rev. John Wilson, a nonconformist minister who expounded the idea that the Anglo-Saxons were the supposed ten lost tribes of Israel. Believing the nations of western Europe and the United States to be God's chosen people, they expected them to receive all the promises God gave to Israel in the Old Testament.

Christianity is full of bizarre teachings including stories about incest and rape, fictional civilizations included in most occult philosophy. The cause of the Black People Plague in North America is attributed to the Jew. The solution espoused is to kill or remove the Jews. The Klan during the 1920s added the Jew and Catholic to their list of enemies in an attempt to attract more members. By 1923 membership had reached between three and six million people.

Christianity's blatant racism allows attitudes and a world view -- including conspiracy theories -- to be the core of their faith.

According to these teachers, at the head of this conspiracy that leads to the final battle is ZOG: Zionist Occupation Government. Zionist Occupation Government simply means to Christian adherents that the Jewish conspiracy has taken over the government of the United States. Since they also believe that Jewish leaders are using other races to destroy the white race, the final battle pits the white race against virtually all others. And, because they constantly feed on conspiracy theories that involve those whose beliefs or politics oppose their own, Christianity's political and religious opposites are also considered their enemies. Furthermore, they do not have to love their enemies because they consider most of them subhuman.

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