You're a Racist and I Can Prove It

By Christopher R Rice

So are you a racist? Yes, you are a racist. Just because you don't wear a sheet any more, doesn't mean that you are not a racist. And stop saying that protesters who wear mask are cowards when you use to wear a whole sheet.

How do I know that you are a racist? Were you raised in America? Then you are a racist. Not only are you a racist you are also sexist and it doesn't stop there either. In fact you treat a whole slew of people differently than you would wish to be treated.

You are also a hypocrite.

And I can prove it.

This chick went into a grocery store, bought a bunch of groceries, tried to carry them to her car without a shopping cart, when she reached the door, some of the bags began to rip and spill. Not only did men stop to help her but so did other women. Then she put on a fat suit, and did the same thing. Guess what, not one person stopped to help her. 

You judge people not just by the color of their skin, not just by their sex but by their weight, their bank account, their clothes, hair, body art, on and on. You have preconceived notions whether you like it or not. How do I possibly know so much about you, when we've never even met? Continue reading: You're a Racist and I Can Prove It

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